When you have good personal credit, we can help you get hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured lines within a few weeks. Below are the requirements for the different types of funding.

Minimum of $50,000, up to $150,000 in credit-based unsecured bank lines of credit (Requirements)

   a. Personal Guarantee
   b. Personal credit score of 680+ *
   c.  Must have a minimum of 6 months of established personal revolving credit
   d.  Personal credit utilization of less than 45%
   e.  Late payments less than 2 years old need to be removed*
   f.   Credit counseling management history needs to be removed*
   g.  Unpaid collections or charge-off history need to be removed*
   h.  Bankruptcy, liens or judgments need to be removed*
    i.  Max of 3 inquiries per bureau less than 6 months old

* We offer programs to help with this.

For those who are interested in creating some extra monthly income and receiving larger amounts of funding, we offer a program called Business Cash Flow and Funding. Below are the requirements for Cash-Flow-Based funding:

Up to $350,000+ in cash-flow-based unsecured business funding (Requirements)

   a.   Personal Guarantee
   b.   Personal credit score of 680+*
   c.   Minimum of $30,000+ in business cash-flow for at least 4 months*
   d.   Corporation or LLC must be at least one year old*
   e.   Paydex score of 80+*
   f.    No active bankruptcy or unpaid tax liens or judgments*
   g.   No current negative items reporting on personal credit*

        * We offer programs to help with this.

For those looking for larger amounts of funding, please go to the Business Cash Flow and Funding tab or contact your sales representative.